The last seminar how to bring my art to 3d-worlds was in Hamburg 2012.

Just to get an idea, I keep the old information there until a new seminar is announced:

It will be in English and German language. The seminar uses opensimulator technology as this is free for use (like Linux or PDF). We will work in a grid that got the working title “FUTURELAB’ assigned. You are able to access this grid from home via the internet basically on a 24/7 sceme.

Time scedule of ‘how to bring my art to 3d-worlds’ in Hamburg:

xx.xx.xxxx:  10.00 h Welcome and double-check on private Notebooks that have been not prepared in advance (*) –

Start of seminar: xx.xx.xxxx: 10.30 h until 18.00 h (with a break from 13.00 – 14.00 h and a coffee break in the late afternoon)

xx.xx.xxxx: seminar goes on similar to the xx.xx.xxxx (10.30 h until 18.00 h)

xx.xx.xxxx: night talk ‘Simulacon-1: Zeus meets Zuse’ (20.30 -21.30 h). A talk similar was performed in May, 2011 at Dimitrakopoulos Building Paros.

xx.xx.xxxx: 10.30 h until 14.00 h (uploading works to ’30 seconds of art’ dome, setting up private opensimulator server on Notebook) after 14.00 h individual assistance until 18.00 h on shared time

(*) There is also on xx.xx.xxxx between 16.00 h until 18.00 h time to check and prepare a private Notebook to be used in the seminar

There will be a printed catalogue made out of the seminar showing some works of the participants in a 3D-world. Just take a look to get a picture on the Catalogue ‘Primexplorer’ at RHS school. The catalogue is here for download as PDF (7,8 MByte).

Also in this catalogue you find outlined the content of the seminar in a form that for you as a visual person might suit … better as technical words can do. Nevertheless there is the agenda:

How to:

– Install a ‘grid-viewer’ and set up an avatar

– navigate in a 3D-world, to use ‘the camera’

– change an avatar for myself and for my customers (visitors, friends, social group)

– settings in a grid-viewer for sculptures and windlight

– build with prims

– use textures

– use scripts

… now I will stop to list this all as you can see it in the ‘Primexplorer’ project here how the teaching is supported by slides. The Primexplorer project shows that kids aged between 10 and 14 are able to learn it … and  it does not need much knowledge about computers and math to do it nicely … just be able to handle a Windows PC and some applications as Paint, Word, Exel, e-mail. Nevertheless there might have to be skipped some parts and added others due to the specific interest of the participants and also due to technical reasons on Cap San Diego.


350,00 Euro (no VAT).

The seminar is performed by VISIT e.V. a non-profit organization for education in art and technology. Notebooks are provided in case you dont have one available for the seminar. The fee includes 5 copies of the catalogue ‘European Passages in 3D: The Artefact’ at Hamburg Cap San Diego. The catalogue is ‘printed on demand’ and costs 45.00 Euro (size 28×28 cm) each if you need additional copies. There is a smaller size available for 28.00 Euro (19×19 cm). The goal is to bring samples of your artwork to the audience of the 3D-internet and in addition to gain attraction via the printed catalogue.

Tax preference: The fee is reduced due to the target ‘how to bring my art to 3d-worlds’  as this doing is listed as an tax-exemption subject (art education). In addition VISIT got some donations to make this project happen. In case a participant is unemployed or lives on state money there is a reduction possible of 80,00 Euro. Artists may also have a look on the grant given by Bionicor Innovations. This reduces the fee to 80,00 Euro in case an artist qualifies for the program.

Until October 4th you can work on and bring your art in into the project. On 4th of October the world for “FUTURELAB – Cap San Diego Hamburg’ will close and final pictures are taken. Then a selection moves to  the ’30 seconds to art’ dome for worldwide recognition and access. The grids showing the dome will be published and participants gets access. At the end of the exhibition the catalgue will be presented.

Tutoring in 3D: HELPING HAND by Liliana

Visiting artist Liliana Papadopoulou offers individual teaching and assistance to everyone who is interested to see ‘how it goes to 3D’ … Liliana started four years ago and here is her personal mission …



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