The theme ‘EUROPEAN PASSAGES’ was presented in July 2010 by IPAC (International Paros Art Circle) in an exhibition on Paros at Apothiki Gallery. IPAC invited artists of the Kobalt Group Hamburg to work together to get the project and the final exhibition running.

Artists participating in ‘EUROPEAN PASSAGES’ 2010:

Ute Flemming, Theodore Kalogeropoulos, Brigitte Karavias, Liliana Papadouplou, Reiner Schneeberger, C.P. Seibt, Theodor Stenzel, Brigitta Sundberg, Lliana Theodoropoulou, Anke de Vries.

There is a video at youtube – directed by Alexander Karavias and Graeme Hole – that shows it all.

Please watch this video.

The exhibition in Hamburg will open at September 21, 2012, 19.00 h and last for 30 days. Check for the information at the ‘Exhibition in Hamburg’ page.


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