Exhibition in Hamburg

The opening will be on September 21, 2012, 19.00 h at ‘The Museumsschiff Cap San Diego’.

The exhibiton ends on October, 21, 2012. Opening daily from 10.00 to 18.00 h.

Following artists will present their work:

Doro Berg – Malerei (painting) – Deutschland

Voula Doulgeri – Malerei (painting) – Griechenland

Ute Flemming – Malerei (painting) – Deutschland

Ingrid Heidrich-Siggelaki – Skulptur (sculpture) – Griechenland/Deutschland

Mandy Hilse-Thürmer – Installation (installation) – Deutschland

Olga Hanouza – Malerei (painting) – Griechenland

Liliana Papalopoulou – Computerkunst (computerart) – Griechenland

Heike Rolshoven – Malerei (painting) – Deutschland

Theodor Stenzel – Fotografie (photo) – Deutschland

Reiner Schneeberger – Avatarkunst (programmed art) – Deutschland/Schweiz

Brigitte Sundberg – Malerei (painting) – Schweden

Bodo Thürmer – Installation (installation) – Deutschland

Anke de Vries – Malerei (painting) – Deutschland

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