very first link …

Some very frist links of EUROPEAN PASSAGES are related to an art project that was started by IPAC (International Paros Art Circle) in 2010. This was printed in Paros Life:

A new art endeavour takes place on Paros in July with the participation of Kobalt Goup artists from Hamburg and IPAC artists of Paros. The participating artists will work individually and in common on the theme of “European Passages,” which addresses the problematic nature of Europe. The individual stages of development of the project will become tangible and perceptible in open-air installations and intermediate exhibitions. As a prelude, the artists will share their interaction with the public by means of sketches and the exchange of ideas on an Internet forum. The results will be exhibited at the Apothiki Art Center from 20-22 July.

“European Passages” is an IPAC initiative aimed to promote Paros in an exclusive way. The project works under the patronage of the Greek Consul General in Hamburg, Ektarina Dimakis, and the Member of the Bundetags and Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Foreign Office, Hans-Ulrich Klose. Next year, the project will take place in Hamburg. Info: 22840-23368,


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