Blog created by: Reiner Schneeberger, Sternwartenstr. 4, 04013 Leipzig

The term ‘EUROPEAN PASSAGES’ brings quite a few different realms to life. But when you Google them you find the message of art quite on first places. So artists made their impact on this theme, quite before the European Space Agency set up there Passage to Europe. Just let me Google this for you dear visitor


You see EUROPEAN PASSAGES is known from two sides: art & technology. This blog is about to work on both sides to carry on the way art can be presented in 3D worlds where you walk from one country, from one gallery, from one artist to the next. This happens in a way you may truly not believe until you have seen it and most important: done it by yourself! How to work this out is not as difficult to learn as you might think. Of course you need a concept and a guide. The artists running this project are Daniel Jung (DE), Sean Lennon (UK), Reiner Schneeberger (CH) amd Liliana Papadopoulou (GR). They combine many years of experience in different fields. Feel free to join one of the seminars we offer.

But before you go on to read the details have a look what kids, aged from 10 to 14, created with the technology we offer to learn and to use: the 3-dimensional internet.

We are searching for sponsors to keep the activities going. In each country in Europe there shall be the message of EUROPEAN PASSAGES become known: turn your creativity on, make some art of your own and make it available to be seen via a walkable 3-dimensional environment that can be reached over the regular internet. You just need to download a special browser. We call this a ‘grid-viewer’.

There are many grid-viewers on the market. We recomend the ‘fristgrid’-viewer that is provided by WVIPRM (World Virtual Institute for Preventive and Regenerative Medine) Zurich / Berlin / Santorini free to download.

The next seminar for people who want to express their creativity by using the ways new technology is offering will be performed in Hamburg, starting September 26, 11.30 h. It will take 3 days and end on Friday 28, 16.00 h. On October 1st there will be a public upload of the works into the ’30 seconds of art’ dome so the artworks are then worldwide online.

Each participant gets his/her own server and viewer for local use on a Windows PC. This makes it possible to keep on learning and testing and to upload artworks to 3D-worlds that exist in many forms, some also free of charge. Also you will be able to run your own world that friends, gallerists, sponsors and clients can visit.

In case you want to participate please send a note to the secretary of IPAC Liliana.

The seminar is provided by VISIT e.V. a non-profit society for arteducation making modern technology usable for ‘smart noobs’. Feel free to get some information about VISIT at ….


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