European Passages meets 3D

The term ‘EUROPEAN PASSAGES’ brings quite a few different realms to life. But when you Google them you find the message of art quite on first places. Just move to the ‘About’ page to get more …

This blog is about to show how artworks can be presented all over Europe (and worldwide) in a walkable 3D-environment. The experience can be done as an ‘Avatar‘ or as an ‘Eye‘. The IPAC artists Liliana and Reiner contributed this idea to the first exhibition in 2010 in Apothiki Gallery on Paros. Then it was outlined in the IPAC-talk Zeus meet Zuse and in a statement by Liliana as well as in a talk Paronaxia Arts: The Cheiron Talk  also published in Paros Life.

Now a new way to use this technology for art has been invented. In an ‘experimental way’ the 3D-technology is used for ‘plays‘ to present short stories. The first play happened on June 17th, the date of the Greek elections for a new parliament. The play was called ‘European Passages: Inferno’

But first you shall get an idea how a visit of the 3-dimensional internet might look. Click here for the youtube video or have a look at the blog that is related to this.

In case you are looking for information about the exhibition ‘European Passage: Hamburg 2012’ then click here …